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ApriVera® Body/Hair Cleanser 8Oz, Non-alkaline, Effective Odor Reducing

ApriVera® Body/Hair Cleanser 8Oz, Non-alkaline, Effective Odor Reducing

Derma Science Skin Care ApriVera® Body/Hair Cleanser 8oz, Non-alkaline, Effective Odor Reducing

HCPCS Code:  A9270

Sold by:  Bottle - 8 oz

QTY per Case:  24 Bottles

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ApriVera® Is an effective odor reducing, non-alkaline, body and hair cleanser designed to make the bathing process a positive experience for staff and resident / patient. Its special combination of conditioners and emollients, in a pearlescent lotion base, provides this gentle product with its unique rich lather. ApriVera® is both safe and effective for tub, shower, bedside basin, and whirlpool bathing. With its proprietary apricot fragrance, ApriVera® leaves both user and facility smelling clean and odor free. The product contains a special antimicrobial preserving system, designed to aid in eliminating cross infection concerns.

  • Bottle 8 OZ
  • Qty per Case 24 Bottles